Sunday, June 25, 2017

*In Store Report* Truly Me Hotel - AGP Houston

The Hotel was it for us, complete show stopper, once we saw it, we did not care about seeing anything else.

We have a wish list!! We need the Grand American Girl Company Hotel and all the accessories. We rate it fabulous and 100% incredible!

We could not afford it today and don't have a place to fit it. It is a must for someday!! It was worth the drive just to go see it and give it out reviews. It gives you the thrill of a life time. No way has anything dollie ever exceeded this. 

Complementary water for the doll guest, chocolates. Filled Ice Bucket, Q-Tips, Egyptian Cotton looking towels, sheets look like 1000 thread count or better. The bedding looks exquisite, two sided with fabric. It includes windows that open up to a incredible view. 


*UPDATE* Downsizing Current Collection

Here is another update of my dwindling collection. All of the dolls with an X have found new homes, along with their collections. All DIY projects have been given away.

LADL will be having a few giveaway contests soon, of items still left within the collection.

Friday, June 23, 2017

*REVIEW* OG Rowan Doll

Our Generation Rowan $24.95

She has a 70's vibe to me in the hairstyle.
But the clothes are more modern.