Thursday, September 21, 2017

*On Location* Kaya at Sacajewea State Park - Washington

Here are more pictures from Kaya’s visit to Sacajewea State Park. These are from the museum. 

Kaya visted Sacajawea State Park in Washington state.  This is were the Snake and Columbia rivers meet and is also the location that Lewis and Clark Expedition camped on October 16, 1805. 

Kaya went into the Sacajewea Museum. Here are some pictures from the museum. Kaya was so excited to see some of the exhibits, that it was hard to stop and take pictures.

Notice in picture 2 there are two dugout canoes tied together. In a prior post with Kaya, is a picture of dugout canoes, so you can get an idea of the size. 

 There are two more places that I hope we get to, one is Lake Wallowa, which I think is mentioned in one of Kaya’s books (6 volume set), either in the story or the historical section. The second is Columbia Hills State Park, which is very close to the area where Kaya crossed the river and found her sister, which is mentioned in the historical section.
Thank you, Renee

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

*REVIEW* For the Frill of It OG Outfit

Doing some OG sharing with Nanea.

I find that I can use a lot of OG clothes marketed as current as retro outfits. Noticing that Nanea's school dress has a ruffled hem and sleeves, I thought I would try this ruffled OG dress on Nanea. Even though it isn't 1940 period, I like how it looks on Nanea.

The waistband has a small floral print like many Hawaiian dresses had.

Here she is with the striped fabric shoes that came with her outfit.

Here is the cute fabric bag that came with the dress. Nanea has a fabric bag as her accessory.

The last piece to the outfit was a blue vest. Here Nanea wears it reversed.

Here she wears it with her meet shorts.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

*In Store Report* AG and WW on Sale - Costco

Spa and Salon Set 
Sleepover Set (which was out last year, but our Costco didn’t get this set.) 

The costume accessories look like the ones from the Dress-Up Trunk available from American Girl.  It looks like there are 2 separate packages, one with the doll and another with the trunk and costume. See American Girl online for better picture of the costume items. Each trunk is a different color. 

Also they had Wellie Wisher  Doll and Costume Sets. This is a 7 piece set includes Doll, trunk and costume accessory. There are only 3 dolls (Camille, Ashlyn and Willa).

Looking at the picture, Ashlyn’s costume is the butterfly wings, rainbow colored tulle skirt, butterfly head band, and  flower wand wand entwined  with ribbon . Looking at the picture, Camille’s costume is the rainbow colored  tulle skirt, shell crown, shell, and shimmery seaweed skirt. 

Looking at the picture, Willa’s costume is rainbow colored tulle skirt, felt owl mask, bright owl wings, and looks like the rose scepter. 

*REVIEW* AG Ultimate 15 Piece Back to School Set

Sam's marked down the American Girl Backpack to 20.00 from 35.00

 The Sam versions of The American Girl backpack sets are very nice, it comes with the backpack, a lunch kit a water bottle, 2 folders and 3 pencils and more. Three color combos to choose from. 

We rate the set 100% perfect.

 We found a sale on a really nice over night bag called Shoot for the Stars with accessories marked down to $24.00 from $48.00. 

She loved it!!!! I rate it 100% Percent perfect too.